Local Removals

A-Team Furniture Removalists are a family-owned business based in Melbourne. We can move your home or office furniture anywhere in Melbourne or interstate. We offer a quality removal service at a reasonable rate and our staff are fast and highly-skilled.

Interstate & Country Removals

Moving to country Victoria or interstate? No problem! We are happy to move your home or office to country or rural areas. We also offer an express interstate removal service. This means your furniture will be safely loaded on to the truck and delivered to the destination on the same truck. Our express service means you won’t have to deal with the delays and double-handling of a back-load removal service.

Internal Moves

It is common for businesses to move to larger office within the same building, but this can be a very stressful and difficult process without the right knowledge and equipment. Our highly-skilled removalists can safely move your furniture and office equipment within a building, using lifts and specialised removal equipment. We can also offer office desk dismantle and rebuilding services upon request.

Moves with an apartment building are also a service that A-Team Furniture Removalists commonly offers. Using our specialised equipment means that we can do the job safely and without the risk of damaging lifts, apartments or common areas.

Packing Services

We can provide a full range of boxes and other packing items as well as having our skilled staff pack your belongings for you. Boxes, packing tape, packing paper, protective wraps, portable robe boxes, we can provide all packing items and equipment.

A typical house pack can require 60-80 boxes, in addition to the furniture. Being prepared by packing boxes correctly can no only ensure your belongings remain safe and undamaged during the move, but will also significantly speed up packing and unpacking the truck on the day of your removal.

Packing boxes can take several days and not only involves a significant amount of exertion, but can also be extremely stressful. Save time and money by using our convenient and professional packing and unpacking services. We are happy to do as much or as little of the packing as you require.